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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Fueling your body

Nutrition is a huge pare of any athletes daily life.  Most players drink fluids during the game, but how many are worrying about pre-game and post-game foods and liquids to get their body ready and to help it heal?

Thanks to Peter Dale over at Farm Tough Company who shared out this tip card to help you and your players with the process.    Below are the tips from the card.

General Tips
Don’t eat fried foods (french fries, chips, chicken fingers, fried fish, etc.)
Don’t drink alcohol, soda, or other drinks filled with sugar
DO chew your food until it is a liquid; this will make digestion much easier
DO drink 1-2 glasses of water upon waking and ½ cup every 30 min during the day
DO eat something within 1 hour of waking that contains protein
DO eat good meals with lots of veggies/salad, flesh protein (fish, chicken, turkey best),
whole grains, good fats (avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, nuts & seeds); this will help your
body repair during the day and overnight
DO get to bed – your body needs sleep to recover; give it as much as possible

Food Intake: Light snack 45-90 min before game. It’s ok to be a little hungry, bad to be full.
Good Snacks: 1-2 pieces of fruit, 1 cup almond/soy milk with 1 Tbsp protein powder,
applesauce with 1 Tbsp protein powder, ½ Farm Tough Energy Bar
Fluid Intake: Drink 2-4 oz of Farm Tough Energy Drink 15-20 minutes prior to game
Physical Preparation: Dynamic movement warm-up and foam roll

During Game
Take deep breaths on the bench between shifts; Repeat Farm Tough power thoughts:
I am...Strong, Fit, Powerful, Fast, Focused, Relaxed, Smart, Confident, Energized
- Drink water between every shift: 2-3 gulps
- Every 3rd shift drink 2-3 gulps of Farm Tough Energy Drink
If you are going into OT or in a close game, drink Farm Tough Energy Drink every shift

Fluid Intake: In locker room, drink ½-1 quart Farm Tough Energy Drink
Food Intake: Within 15-45 minutes after game, eat/drink one of the following:
- Smoothie with 1-2 cups fruit, 1 scoop protein powder, 1 scoop Farm Tough Super
Food and mix with your liquid of choice
- Mix 1 cup liquid (almond milk, juice or water), 1 scoop protein powder, 1 scoop
Farm Tough Super Food and have a banana or a piece of fruit
- Farm Tough Energy Bar or Original Farm Tough Protein Bar
- 1 packet instant oatmeal, ¼ cup soy/almond milk, 1 Tbsp protein powder
If you have at least 3 hrs before your next game, eat a light meal 1-2 hrs after game
Physical Recovery: Roll out – use a foam roller to help speed recovery


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