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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

2 on 1 - Full Rink

  1. 2 Forwards start at each blue line
  2. 1 D starts on the goal line at the wall
  3. Place a puck behind the net
  4. On the whistle, the 2 forwards skate down toward the circles and curl up the rink looking back
  5. The D retrieves the puck and hits one of the 2 F with a breakout pass
  6. The F skate up their side of the ice trying to score on a 2 -1 
  7. The D skates hard to the Blue line (on the opposite side of the rink) and then gets in good D position to defend the 2 F coming up ice
  1. F need to focus on first helping out the D and setting up in a 'break-out' mode
  2. F should also  work on good passing and puck movement to score
  3. F should read the play and know when to shoot or pass in the Offensive zone
  4. D should focus on a good outlet pass to start the play
  5. D hustles to get in a good Defensive position
  6. D should work on gap control
  7. D should also work on closing the lane and allowing the Goalie to take the shooter 
Goalies can be used in this as well.  Allow them to come behind the net and move the puck.

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HockeyShare Online Drill Diagrammer & Practice Planner