Sunday, January 22, 2017

Video: Quick Shot

I often run this 'Shoot and Break' drill in my practice.  I like it because it does 2 things:

  1. Focuses on the drive toward the net and a quick shot
  2. Breaking out with speed
In Game 1 of the Blues/Kings game, I saw a great example of how the first half of this drill works and how it can be effective.  While it didn't result in a goal this time, most times it would.

Watch the video as the play develops from about 6 second in to 10 seconds. Not a lot of time but you see how quickly Scwartz comes down the circle and to the net.  Keys to the play:
  1. Schwartz is skating hard
  2. Schwartz has his stick down and in front of him ready for the quick shot
  3. Notice there is no catching the pass, stick-handling the puck
  4. Steen has his head up and make the perfect pass so Schwartz can shoot quickly


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