Friday, December 14, 2012

Product Review: A to Z Guide to Hockey Terms

A to Z Guide to Hockey Terms By Hockey Science & Technology Inc is now available in the iTunes store.  When I first heard about it, I decided to check it out and see what it was about.

Here is the description I found at iTunes:

The popular, entertaining, educational, and fun paper back book “A to Z Guide to Hockey Terms” by Tim Moshansky has now been transformed into an interactive and colourful app.

I did some digging through it and found it to be a pretty useful app to the new hockey parent and fans.  Most fans around the game would benefit from the various areas of the app.  Hockey Terms, Penalty & Referee Signals and the Goalie Diagram are just a few of the cool features you'll find.

A few of the areas do require you to upgrade to the "Pro" version to access but it's a small price to pay for a pretty good Hockey app.

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