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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Shoot the lane and Breakout


  1. On whistle F2 passes puck to D2.
  2. F1 breaks to the slot and looks for a pass from D2. 
  3. After shot F1 cut thru middle and looks for outlet pads from behind the net from D2. 
  4. After F2 skates by D1 follows in a puck support role. 
  5. D2 is now the last man up the rink.
  1. Playing your position
  2. quick movement of the puck
  3. puck support

With this drill you get a chance to take a quick shot on the net and then turn and come out of the zone.  You have to explain to the players that the first part of the drill is just go get moving and essentially simulate a shot on net as well as get them some work.  You can change up Step 1 and
just have them move the puck low and let D2 start the play.

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HockeyShare Online Drill Diagrammer & Practice Planner