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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Recycle Drill

  1. Players start at opposite corners with a puck
  2. P1 leaves and skates in and shoots on goal and then turns and skates back toward blue line
  3. P2 leaves on the shot and carries the puck up
  4. P2 hits P1 with a pass just outside the blue line
  5. P1 then passes back to P2 as they cross the blue line
  6. P2 continues in and shoots and follows steps 2 - 5.

  1. Quick start with the puck and hard skating up the rink
  2. Good passes
  3. Give and go pass at the blue line

This will get them skating hard at the beginning of practice but will also focus on good give and go passes.
Thanks to Kevin for the image and drill.

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