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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Product Review: Verbero Pucks

Recently the owner of Verbero Sports donated some pucks for an Ironman Tournament for an organization I help run.  So I decided to try them out myself and see what they were all about.

First I took them to a Summer work out and dropped one on the deck.  Right away, I noticed how it laid right down.  I grabbed it and started to work it around to get a feel for it.  Definitely a different feel, but in a good way. I felt more like I was on ice working a rubber puck than on the inline deck surface.  It's lighter but the feel was pretty true.  I skated around making nice tight turns, stopping and dragging it around other players. I found myself in more control than with any other inline puck.  Next up, I started shooting it around.  Wrist shots, slap shots and a few one timers.  All felt good coming off the stick.  Again, it did have a lighter feel, but something I could easily get used to.

One of the coaches asked about what I was playing and said "I think those were the ones our boys played in a tournament and they bounced like super balls".  That wasn't something I noticed so he stepped out on the rink and we worked it over.  We couldn't make it bounce for anything.  The only way I was able to get the puck to go on edge and roll was when I threw some back handers off the glass.  I was at about the half-wall and started throwing pucks off the glass behind the net.  A few hit the ground on edge and rolled for a bit before dropping flat.

We played the pucks in our Ironman tournament and many parents, players and coaches commented and asked what we were using as they noticed how smooth it was. A few even commented how the night before on the same rink, they couldn't keep the puck they were using down for anything and they wished they had this puck.

Overall, I think it's a great design and one I would welcome playing with more.  My kids are now asking for them in practice and if we can play games with them.  Hopefully our league discovers them soon and we can switch to them.


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