Monday, August 6, 2012

Goalie Iron Cross

  1. Goalie starts in the center circle and forward skates to the top of the circle.  
  2. Goalie drops and covers 5 hole.
    Then a right leg pad kick
    Then a left leg pad kick
  3. Skate backwards to the center, repeat step 2
  4. Slide to the left, repeat step 2
  5. Slide to the center, repeat step 2
  6. Skate backward to bottom of the circle, repeat step 2  
  7. Skate forward to the center, repeat step 2
  8. Slide to the right, repeat step 2
  9. Slide back to the center, repeat step 2   

  1. Skating footwork and speed
  2. Up/down motion
  3. Focuses on movement in all directions which will only help them in their game
 NOTE:  Thanks to Brett Shank for drawing up and sharing this drill.
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