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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Stickhandling Drills - 3 drills to build your skills

Thanks to our friend Kevin over at M2Hockey and, we've got a great 3 part video series for you on stickhandling drills that will be sure to improve your game. I always stress to my players that you have to work on this skill. All the best players in the world have perfected this and that's why they are so good. These can be done anywhere. You don't need a rink to be able to do this. Stand in front of your TV and work out while watching it. It will teach you to get your head up and focus on something other than the puck. It then becomes about the feel of the puck on the stick. Watch them here.
Off Ice Stickhandling Part 1
Off Ice Stickhandling Part 2
Off Ice Stickhandling Part 3

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