Monday, January 30, 2017

4-Shot Backhand Drill

1. Setup 4 pucks out in front of the net in the slot

2. Players must approach and shoot on Backhand
3. Goalie must make save and recover quickly

1. Backhand shots – approaching the puck and shooting comfortably instead of trying to roll it over to the forehand
2. Getting the shot off quickly with no stickhandling
3. Goalie movement and recovery

This is a great small area drill and can be done with a few players while others are focusing on something else.


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  2. This tennis backhand drill can be executed with one player and the coach. The student is positioned in either of the doubles alley (the part of the tennis court use for doubles matches but not in the singles matches) while the coach stands in the center end of the baseline

  3. Thanks for sharing wonderful info !!!!!!
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