Monday, January 12, 2015

Skate 8 and Deflect


1. Line 3 Defenseman up at the points (D location is based on skill level of players and how far they can shoot.
2. Forward passes puck to point man and skates around first circle and then stops in front of net looking for a deflection from the D shooting from the top of the circle he just skated around.
3. Forward now skates toward the corner, picks up a puck and passes it to the point man. He continues around the circle to the front of the net again looking for a deflection
4. Last he moves toward the middle of the net looking for a deflection from the last Defenseman.

1. Puck movement to the Point man.
2. Getting to the front of the net and looking for deflections/rebounds.

I found a variation of this drill on another site and will give credit if I can locate it again.

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