Saturday, December 11, 2010

Why Dumping the Puck is SO Important

If you've ever watched Hockey at any level, you will see players get to the center rink, dump the puck to the corner and chase it down.  Did you ever ask yourself, 'Why?'

Or more importantly, 'Did I ever teach my players why?'

If you haven't, you really should think about it.  It's one of the most important plays in hockey. If you don't teach your players how to do it properly, it WILL cost you goals and possibly the game.  Think about it.  When do you dump the puck?

  1. When you want a line change - If you don't get the puck deep enough, there is a charge of the opposition as your players are coming on/off the bench.
  2. When you can't beat the other team through the neutral zone - If you don't have a play, dump it.  If you don't and you lose it (because you just tried to go around/thru 3 players) suddenly, your team is heading North and the puck and opposition is going South.
Both scenarios will cost you goals and/or a really irritated Goalie (not to mention your coach). Smart play will win you hockey games and teaching your players to play smart will only make them better players.

2 Drills I've found to help with this are:

Dump and Chase:
Using the Wall:

Both of these drills are better when you have a full rink but can be worked from center red in, if you only have half a rink.


  1. You NEVER dump the puck in roller hockey.. unless you're on a Penalty Kill and you run out of options, there's no reason to EVER give the other team a free possession. We're talking about a game with NO offsides or icing, so there's never a need to "gain the zone" or "keep the puck in."

  2. Never say Never. There are always reason why you should dump the puck. I've listed 2 of them above. the other thing to think about is lets say you have a 1 goal lead late in a game, would you rather turn the puck over in the neutral zone or get it deep and make the opposing team play 180'.

    A team I coached once played a team out of Canada (Mississauga) in a Spring Tourney and the only way to get through this team was to dump and chase. Notice I said 'and chase'? The dump is only effect when you chase.

  3. This is about roller hockey not ice hockey. Anonymous above is correct. Don't dump the puck. There is no neutral zone, it's roller hockey. Quit thinking with an ice hockey mentality. If you need to change, control the puck behind your own net.



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