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Monday, November 15, 2010

3 Shot Drill


1. Have coaches with pucks on either side of the net
2. Player starts in the middle and skates in and shoots (wrist or slapshot) from between circles
3. They they take a pass from one side of the net and then the other

1. These are quick shots to make the goalie work on movement up and down and left and right
2. Goalie also needs to focus on pucks coming from behind the net
3. O player should focus on quick release. If the puck comes on his forehand side, shot it quickly. Same with the backhand side. Get it on the backhand and shot

Great drill to focus on quick shots from both forehand and backhand. Make sure on their backhand side they are shooting backhand shots.


HockeyShare Online Drill Diagrammer & Practice Planner