Thursday, November 11, 2010

3-0 Pass, Shoot and Crash Game


1. This is a battle between the 2 teams
2. Players 1-3 will be skaters, Player 4 is the passer
3. Player 1 will skate past closest cone and look for pass. Shoot and then crash net
4. Player 2 will then skate past middle cone and look for pass. Shoot and then crash net
5. Player 3 will follow-up by skating past furthest cone and shoot.

Game Rules:
1. Any shot that goes in is a point for the team
2. Players in front may tip/deflect the shot
3. Players in front may NOT shoot in rebounds
4. Game goes 4 rounds
5. Variation: Add Goalie Saves in as a point for the Goalie and let him compete.

1. Good passes by the last player in the group
2. Head up while shooting to find an opening or pass to open player
3. Work on deflections/tips for the players in front

This is a fun game for the kids and it focuses on many good skills


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