Sunday, October 10, 2010

Slap and Go

1. Players start at goal line and skate backward with a puck
2. Once they get to the cone, they make a hard pass to the next player in line
3. Next they skate to the double cones where a puck is waiting for them.
The Coach (C) will place a puck between the cones
4. Players skates up and takes a slap slot (SS)
5. Next they skate to the opposite cone, around and toward the net looking for a pass from the other Coach (C)
6. Player shoots and goes back in line.

1. Backward skating while stick handling
2. Making a hard pass
3. Taking a slap shot while skating up to a puck
4. Accepting a pass from another player
5. Goalie works on sliding from side to side and they are taking rapid shots from both sides and multiple players

Run the drill from one side and then the other so they get used to shooting and moving from both sides.

Thanks to Jake Bartos for drawing this one up.


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