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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dump and Chase

1. Coach stands in front of player with the puck
2. Have 3 lines of Players. 2 O and 1 D
3. Player with puck needs to decide what corner to get the puck to based on where the coach is standing
4. All players must then chase the puck and get into position

1. Player with the puck needs to skate with head up and make good decisions as to where to go with the puck
2. Other players must decide to either chase the puck or get into correct position
3. Once the puck is secured, work the puck around into position and take a shot, with guy in front of the net looking for a deflection or rebound

Use an additional coach in the D zone so they have to make good decisions where to dump
You can add players in to play defense, but I see the problem with them is they chase the puck and get it out and don’t allow the O to set up the play

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