Sunday, February 12, 2017

Skating - Quick Starts & Stops


1. Players start at one cone and skate as hard as they can to next cone
2. Come to complete stop before quickly starting to next cone
3. Continue through cones to end

1. Quick starts and stops
2. Face the same way (far boards) so they can work on stopping in both directions

One variation is when they hit the middle cone, make them skate backwards to the cones and stop.


  1. Remember to have a strong knee and ankle bend in the skating. Players have to push leg to a full extension as well make sure
    gliding leg goes back in a straight line on the flat of the blade. All the factors of the practice and college top writing reliable has been shared for the actual movement for all players and humans in this phase.

  2. These harder wheels give a minor piece more control of the board, and give the skater greater speed on smooth skating spots, for example, the solid in a skatepark. A harder wheel is additionally more averse to build up a flatspot on the off chance that you are a powerslider.Best skateboard wheels



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