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Friday, August 8, 2014

You Get What You Give!

I've always been a big believer in you get what you give.  The harder you work, the better things will work out for you.  I've talked with my players in the past about the work they put in off the rink will make them better players on the rink.  I've always tried to get them to realize that they are playing for something bigger than themselves too.  For those days when you don't feel like pushing anymore, think about the players that share the room with you, the coaches behind the bench and the Parents/Fans that come to watch.  They expect more. They want more.  So do you.

This video was recently sent to my son by his AAA Ice coach and I think it says it all.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Russian Suicides II (The Admiral II)

1. Player 1 skates to the other end around the cone
2. Player 2 in other corner passes to Player 1 and then backchecks
3. After Player 1 shoots, Player 2 skates around the other cone and drill continues

1. Hard skating
2. Stickhandling and shooting
3. Quick transition from Offense to Defense
4. Chasing down a player from behind

This is a great drill to get the kids going on a slow night. It really focuses on skating, stickhandling and shooting as quickly as possible.

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Kevin Kenny Fund

As hockey players, parents and coaches, we are one big family.  It doesn't matter if you play deck, roller or ice hockey, we need to look out and take care of one another.  Please see below the information on fellow player, Kevin Kenny who sustained a severe spinal cord injury during a hockey game on Saturday, November 16, 2013.

Kevin is a 20 year old forward for the Junior Hockey Team the Pittsburgh Vengeance (formerly the Junior Penguins). Kenny a veteran of the squad, since 2011, has remained a leader both on and off the ice especially for his teammates this season.

After two surgeries, Kevin remains in UPMC Presbyterian Hospital in Pittsburgh where he’ll continue to be cared for and monitored until enough time passes to allow for a more thorough diagnosis.

Our goal is to raise funds for Kevin's ongoing medical expenses.

Please join our team of 7 Kenny Strong!



Friday, August 30, 2013

Defenseman Puck Support

This video does a great job of teaching Puck Support.  The key is the Dman without the puck is not rushing up ice, but providing support to his partner and giving him an outlet pass.

Thanks to IHD Partner Kevin Muller over at  M2Hockey.com & HockeyShare.com for this video.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Faceoff Tips

Current and Former Pittsburgh Penguins talk about the art of the face-off and give some strategy for your players.  Watch the video then read my comments below.

Note:  This is not my content. I'm sharing what was found publicly displayed on youtube.com

A couple of thoughts on this.

  • In the video Craig talks about if he were on the other side, he would still win it toward his net.  At the youth level I would never recommend that.  I would suggest is to teach your player to read the situation and put a player who would be on the strong side to win the puck back or to the wall on a Defensive face-off
  • If in the Offenseive zone, teach them to put a player on his forehand on the inside of the circle so they would have the best shot possible.

Friday, August 16, 2013

IHD Newsletter - August 2013

This month's newsletter has been sent.  You can read the August 2013 Newsletter here.

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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

2 on 1 - Full Rink

  1. 2 Forwards start at each blue line
  2. 1 D starts on the goal line at the wall
  3. Place a puck behind the net
  4. On the whistle, the 2 forwards skate down toward the circles and curl up the rink looking back
  5. The D retrieves the puck and hits one of the 2 F with a breakout pass
  6. The F skate up their side of the ice trying to score on a 2 -1 
  7. The D skates hard to the Blue line (on the opposite side of the rink) and then gets in good D position to defend the 2 F coming up ice
  1. F need to focus on first helping out the D and setting up in a 'break-out' mode
  2. F should also  work on good passing and puck movement to score
  3. F should read the play and know when to shoot or pass in the Offensive zone
  4. D should focus on a good outlet pass to start the play
  5. D hustles to get in a good Defensive position
  6. D should work on gap control
  7. D should also work on closing the lane and allowing the Goalie to take the shooter 
Goalies can be used in this as well.  Allow them to come behind the net and move the puck.

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

1 on 1 Battles - Backchecking & Beat your Man

This drill runs 2 separate drills on each half of the rink.
Left side is a 1 on 1 battle (defense strong)
  1. Defense starts at the Blue line and Offense starts about 5 steps inside the blueline
  2. On whistle, O is using speed and body position to beat the D
  3. D skates backwards and tries to contain making sure to push outside and turn forward at the correct time.
  1. D must focus on Good body position
  2. Forcing the O to the wall
  3. Making a good transition at the correct time
  4. O should focus on using speed to beat the D
  5. O should also control the speed of the play
Right side is a 1 on 1 battle (offense strong)
  1. Offense starts at the Blue line and Defense starts about 5 steps inside the blueline
  2. On whistle, O is using speed and body position to beat the D
  3. D must backcheck and try to chase down the forward with the puck.
  1. O should focus on speed with the puck so as not to get caught from behind
  2. D needs to backcheck hard and get to the stick side of the O so he can 'pop' the stick and gain control of the play
Goalies typically will get more work on the O strong side.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Last Minute Puck Races

  1. Lineup pucks down the middle of the rink between the blue lines
  2. Make 2 lines of players in each corner
  3. On whistle, players race for the puck
  4. First player tries to score on a breakaway
  5. Second player backchecks
  1. Speed to a loose puck
  2. Speed carrying the puck on a breakaway
  3. Speed on the back-check to breakup the play
Remind your players that this drills is designed to make them think about chasing a puck in the last minute of play and they have the chance to end the game, stop a goal, etc. 

I always run this the last 5 minutes of practice when they are tired.  I remind them there is no time to be tired and out of breath at the end of the game.

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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Goalie: Side to Side

  1. Setup players and pucks in two lines in the circles left and right of the goalie
  2. Have one player shot and goalie make the save
  3. Goalie then slides into position on the opposite side and gets position
  4. Player 2 shoots, goalie makes play and slides
  5. Repeat
  1. Goalie movement left to right
  2. Sliding and getting back into position quickly

This is harder on inline than ice so the Goalie will learn how hard they have to move.
Make sure your shooters give the goalie time to recover, but this is a speed drill.


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